We are looking for creative people to help us grow the lab! We are currently recruiting people interested in the intersection of synthetic biology, plant biology or microbiology and sustainability:

[1] Graduate students: We welcome rotations from Stanford graduate students in any department. Current Stanford students interested in rotating should email Jenn to learn more. Prospective PhD students are encouraged to apply to the Bioengineering department.

[2] Postdoctoral fellows: Please email Jenn with a cover letter and CV. Details below.

[3] Technician: We're also looking for a full time lab technician to support the lab through inventory, glass washing, and media making. Details below.

Postdoc Recruitment - posted August 2022

We are seeking highly motivated postdoctoral scholars interested in plant or microbial synthetic biology and sustainability. Candidates with strong training in plant development, plant-microbe interactions, plant stress response, synthetic biology, microbiology or genome engineering are encouraged to apply. Successful candidates will join an exciting research group at the leading edge of the rapidly growing field of plant synthetic biology.


  • PhD in bioengineering, genetics, molecular biology, or a related field

  • Track record of research productivity and creativity

  • Experience with plant transformation, DNA design and cloning, or plant/microbial genetics is a strong +

  • Excellent organizational skills

How to apply:

  • Send a cover letter and CV to jbrophy at stanford dot edu

Technician Recruitment - posted August 2022

We are seeking a full- or part-time technician to help us keep the lab running smoothly!


  • Prepare chemical solutions used in the lab, such as bacterial and plant growth medias

  • Maintain lab inventory, restocking as necessary

  • Perform appropriate cleaning (dishwashing) and recycling of waste materials

  • Grow plants and harvest seeds for research purposes


  • Strong academic record and Bachelor's degree in molecular biology, plant biology, bioengineering, or a related field

  • Excellent communications skills and ability to work under deadlines with general guidance

  • Strong organizational skills and ability to keep lab/materials in order

  • Familiarity with sterile technique and ability to prepare sterile growth medias

  • Willingness to learn new skills as needed

How to apply:

  • Send a cover letter and CV to jbrophy at stanford dot edu