Jenn Brophy

Assistant Professor, Bioengineering

Noyce Family Faculty Fellow

Chan Zuckerburg Biohub Investigator

Jenn received her BS in bioengineering from UC Berkeley and PhD from MIT, where she worked with Chris Voigt and Alan Grossman to develop a tool for engineering undomesticated Gram positive bacteria. As a postdoc, she worked with José Dinneny at Stanford to engineer spatial patterns of gene expression across plant tissues using synthetic genetic circuits. She is interested in applying synthetic biology to address climate change issues and enhance sustainability. Her favorite flowers are Lilies!

Bella Archibald

Graduate student, Bioengineering

NSF Graduate Research Fellow

bellaa [at] stanford [dot] edu

Bella is interested in engineering synthetic systems for bioremediation and biomanufacturing. When she's not in the lab, she enjoys exploring new trails, and her favorite plant is the Arrowleaf balsamroot!

Savana Huskins

Undergraduate, Bioengineering

shuskins [at] stanford [dot] edu

Savana is interested in sustainable agriculture and bioremediation. She enjoys finding natural hot springs and new music. Her favorite flower is the California poppy. She loves spotting it pop up around campus in the spring!

Julia Kao-Sowa

Undergraduate, Bioengineering

jkaosowa [at] stanford [dot] edu

Julia is an undergraduate studying bioengineering. She enjoys hiking and spending time outdoors, and her favorite flowers are azaleas!

Vardaan Shah

Undergraduate, Bioengineering

svardaan [at] stanford [dot] edu

Janina Tamborksi

Postdoc, Bioengineering

jtambor [at] stanford [dot] edu

Janina is developing synthetic genetic circuits to enhance water use efficiency in the bioenergy grasses Setaria viridis and Sorghum bicolor. She is an avid climber and has an adorable rescue dog!

Vivian Zhong

Graduate student, Bioengineering

NSF Graduate Research Fellow

vivzhong [at] stanford [dot] edu

Vivian is interested in designing plant biosensors and shaping plant-microbe interactions. Outside of the lab, she's into science policy, communication, and her favorite plant is the lotus!


Andre Yeung Undergraduate Stanford University

Veronica Greco Visiting PhD student Bristol University

Aman Klair Visiting Masters student University of California San Diego

Russell Tran Undergraduate Stanford University